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NV Dept of Taxation Warns Businesses of Ongoing Scam

Earlier this afternoon, the Nevada Department of Taxation ("Department") alerted NFADA and other trade associations of an ongoing scam targeting businesses and certain individuals. The scam attempts to insinuate that the taxpayer is in arrears and unless the debt is remedied through immediate payment, enforcement action will take place. The "notice" being sent to taxpayers claims that enforcement action can include, but not be limited to, the garnishment of wages and/or seizure of Social Security benefits.

Below is a copy of a press release the Department issued with an image of the fraudulent notice that is being sent out. NFADA highly recommends that you share this with your accounting personnel and post the release in a location where your employees may have the opportunity to read it. Because the scammers are also targeting individuals, it is possible that one or more of your team members may have or will receive it. You can download and print out a copy of the release from the Department by clicking on the image or this link.
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