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Become an associate member today if you are a specifically qualified business or industry allied to the auto industry. These members hold an important spot in Nevada Franchised Auto Dealers Association because, without them, we wouldn't be as successful as we are today. The Association recommends Associate Members that are endorsed companies to our dealers.

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Associate Member Spotlights

Armatus Dealer Uplift provides the industry's only fully outsourced Retail Warranty Parts & Labor Reimbursement Submission Service and is by far the largest provider of these services in the U.S., with over 8,000 successful submissions in 50 states.

Armatus' many advantages include: Proprietary software to identify your optimal parts mark up and labor rate increase; extensive knowledge of state laws and factory protocols; a staff dedicated solely to Retail Warranty Reimbursement, with over 800 years of combines industry experience.
Over average client gains $170,604 in parts and labor combines annually per store and out fees are fully contingent on youre manufacturer approving your submission; meaning we walk in your shoes and are incentivized to get you the best result as quickly as possible. Dealers have virtually no administrative burden and are assured of optimal results that are delivered with unparalleled speed and accuracy.